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3 mei 2018

What’s it like to have a curator like Karlen Crea?

Well, for a start – I wake up every day to a whole bunch of facebook messages, likes, tags and shared comments by Karlen Crea.

Karlen knows her ways, knows her style and is always on the watch for that extra special combination between people, art and extraordinary places or events. In the short amount of time we have been working together, Karlen launched me at Siesta BeachClub, put me front row during the AirTrophy Airshow, and talked several artists into the VIP-deck during Knokke Hippique. Karlen venues new artist mostly in this crazy town called Knokke-Heist. It’s a collaboration of AirKnokke – in which Tom De Graeve and Karlen generously invite new artists to participate in all what AirKnokke can offer.

If you think that’s where Karlen stops – you’re wrong. I can barely keep up the pace!

The given fact she offered me the whole souterrain of one of Knokke’s finest hotels (Hotel Britannia) gives you an idea of the scope in which Karlen plans her steps. Oh- wait: why not have your art displayed at one of the most exclusive bars in town – on top of the roof @  3sixty bar? Did I mention Karlen decorated an entire room with my “Crazybirds-art theme” into an available AIR-BNB apartment???

A big big BIG thank you is the least I can say for all the effort she has put in me and so many other artists. If you like Karlen to curate your art, or spark your events with an extraordinary venue – please send her a message on facebook or instagram.  Or meet her during some of the upcoming events: Nacht van het Zoute and 2 or 3 lxry-events…

Trough AirKnokke, it has been a joy to work with:
Siesta BeachClub
Tom De Graeve
Sigurd Tanghe
Mr Never Give Up
Inge Cnudde

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